Well hey there! I’m Luis! 


I’m a portrait and commercial photographer with over 10 years experience, working with advertising/e-commerce, beauty and fashion photography for commercial and private clients. My mission? To simply create. Whatever that means for your product or portfolio, I passionately work 1:1 with my clients to understand their goals and visions, and translate that into creative imagery. 


Massively inspired by the alternative, different themes and concepts, as for me they are a great source of fun and intrigue for both me and the person who dares to pose or to achieve that look for your product. Uncommon styles and atmospheres is the aim of my work, so as many ideas to be brought up the better. 

I like to be creative and often think out of the box, trying to project my passion, thoughts and feelings of the genre onto the viewer. 


For all enquiries and/or collaborations please email me at info@estevesphotography.co.uk. Or call/text on 07539557961

 I shall look forward hearing back from you! 


Aurora Phoenix

Had an amazing shoot with Esteves Photography today at my home studio. Communication was great and it was so straight forward to organize the shoot and discuss ideas.


During shooting Luis is both easy to talk to and work with. This photographer is also incredibly hard working and really pays attention to detail, he also puts time and effort into his lighting arrangements. Luis also has a particular vision for his images and I love his unique style of photography.


More than recommended.


Kind, professional and respectful. What a delight to work with.


Saffra Monteiro

Eighth shoot today with esteves photography in the golden feilds of spring. Awsome shoot as always, fun and memorable and still love working with this guy on all styles-he is a true photographer!


Grace Smith

Luis of Esteves photography was great to work with, he directed me well to fit his vision and it worked well, the images came out great! Luis was friendly and easy to get along with, I definitely recommend him and his work.


Bianka Bokor

Worked and met Luis at club night, although we did not have much time, only 5 minutes, but that was enough to see his passion and skills.

I hope we work again soon.



Sammi Wass

After my third shoot now with Esteves Photography, I can still confidently recommended him as a professional and friendly tog who produces great results!


Ladawan Phengprakhon

Lovely to meet good photographer lovely personality easy to work with hope to work with you again thank you


Chloe Burton

I first shot with Luis at a group shoot at WindmillArt. He was friendly and gave good direction. After this, he then booked me for a location pin-up shoot  Despite a torrential downpour, we had an amazing shoot and tried various different looks. It was such a success we are even looking to try a gothic shoot  Talented photographer and provided plenty of laughs and conversation!